TS Acrylic DIY Kit - Prusa MINI Acrylic Enclosure is shipped as a kit direct from manufacturer.

Our Enclosures of TS Acrylic DIY Kit series for Prusa MINI 3D printers are made of 4 mm thick clear acrylic sheets to ensure excellent strength and stability. If you prefer light, easy to manipulate, slick and barely visible enclosure, then TS Acrylic is the right and very affordable solution for your 3D printer. TS Acrylic Enclosure has no bottom and is easy to manipulate due to its relatively low 6 kg weight. To remove the printer, simply lift up the enclosure. The DIY kit is the version that many of you have asked for. It differs from the standard TS Acrylic Enclosure in that it is not an all in box kit and some participation is expected on the buyer's side. DIY Kit contains the same high quality lasercut 4 mm acrylic panels as well as all nuts and bolts. Plastic parts however need to be 3D printed from downloadable STL files. We have also prepared a detailed step-by-step manual for you, which can be download for free in pdf format. For full details see the product description below.

3D printer enclosures provide a temperature stabilized environment for better quality printing, reduce unpleasant printing smells, protect your printer from dust and, last but not least, improve overall safety of 3D printing. More

Manufacturer: TUKKARI

€ 116 incl. VAT
Manufacturing Time: 2 Weeks

TS Acrylic DIY Kit - Prusa MINI Enclosure 

This enclosure was designed for use with Prusa MINI.

Why should you want to have an Enclosure for your 3D printer?

  • significant reduction in fumes and unpleasant smells
  • controlled ambient temperature improves reliability and consistency of your 3D printing
  • additional noise reduction
  • dust protection for your printer and improved 3D printing safety

What is the difference between TS Acrylic and TS Acrylic DIY Kit?

TS Acrylic DIY Kit is a version based on our popular line of TS Acrylic enclosures. It differs from the standard TS Acrylic Enclosure in that it is not an all in box kit and some participation is expected on the buyer's side. DIY Kit contains the same high quality lasercut 4 mm acrylic panels, which is the most important thing. We also included all the nuts, bolts and door magnets to make sure you don't have to search for all those specific sizes and types in shops. However, you will need to print all plastic couplings, door hinges and optional vent cover on your own 3D printer. To give some work to your 3D printer could be fun and it will save some money too:-)

It is recommended to print all the plastic parts from PETG, but the final decission is yours, of couse. All these parts are availabe for free to download as STL and STEP files. So all you will need to successfully complete this project are some basic tools for tightening bolts and nuts, your own 3D printer ready for printing and a bit of the PETG filament in the color of your choice :-) Detailed assembly instruction guide in pdf format can be download here.

TIP: If you prefer a complete product that you will be able to assemble within 40 minutes and that already includes all parts (PETG ones too), bearing based acrylic filament holder, injection molded hinges, clear 2 mm acrylic ventilation cover, tools and printed assembly instructions, then we recommend to go for a TS Acrylic.

Recommended print settings:

filament type: PETG
layer height: 0,20 mm
infill: 30%
supports: no

Estimated printing time / material consumption for the core parts: 11h 15m / 99 g
Estimated printing time / material consumption for the optional parts: 0h 29m / 7 g

All the parts for 3D printing can be downloaded here.

Why buy from Us?

  • You are making your purchase direct from manufacturer. We are based in the Czech Republic.
  • We obtain all our materials at large quantities and volume discount. This way we can offer our TS acrylic enclosures at prices comparable to cost of raw material for DIY enclosure projects.
  • C02 laser cutting technology leaves the edges of acrylic parts clear and polished.
  • 4 mm thick clear acrylic sheets are used to ensure excellent strength and stability.
  • We only use high-quality materials and components from renowned European manufacturers and suppliers.
  • All models of plastic parts are available for free download in STL and STEP format, so you can print them and also modify in any way you want.

    Main features:

    • The front door with two magnets allows for both left hand or right hand installation.
    • You can enjoy completely unobstructed view of your 3D printing thanks to high quality clear acrylic sheets used.
    • On the left side you will find a cut out for optonal installation of any regular 60 mm PC or USB fan.
    • On the right side is situated a cut out for USB cable.
    • The rear acrylic panel has got also cut outs for PSU cable.
    • Cut out for 60 mm optional fan can be closed by attaching a ventilation cover (need to be printed)
    • The package includes 4 mm thick clear acrylic sheets, all bolts, nuts and two door magnets. You will also receive detailed step by step assembly instructions in pdf format upon purchase of the kit.

    Weight and dimensions:

    External dimensions: (W x H x D): 45 × 47,3 × 49,5 cm
    Internal dimensions: (W x H x D): 44,2 × 46,9 × 46,4 cm
    Net weight: 5,7 kg
    Gross weight: 7,6 kg


    • 4 mm thick clear extruded acrylic (XT) parts
    • all fasteners (bolts, nuts)
    • 2 pieces of door magnets

    Not included:

    • PETG plastic parts including door hinges and optional ventilation covers (free download available)
    • printed assembly instructions (free download in pdf format available)
    • filament spool holder (You may use the one provided with your 3D printer. You should not place filament spools over 1 kg on top of the enclosure.)
    • assembly tools (You will need a 2,5 mm and 3 mm allen key plus 7 mm and 8 mm wrench key.)
    • optional 60 mm fan (You can use any standard 60 mm 12V PC or 5V USB fan.)
    • 3D printer
    • 3D printing filament