TLX Flame Orange - Prusa MINI Enclosure

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TLX Flame Orange - Prusa MINI Enclosure with Carbon / HEPA filters. The TLX premium series of 3D printer enclosures represents a functional and aesthetic solution for your home or office. High rigidity of entire assembly is achieved by using a combination of 5 mm thick extruded acrylic sheets and 18 mm melamine faced panels.

The enclosure is designed and made in Czech Republic, using only high quality materials and components from renowned European manufactureres and suppliers. It is provided as self assembly kit with all parts, nuts and bolts, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter and tools included.

3D printer enclosures provide a temperature stabilized environment for better quality printing, reduce unpleasant printing smells, protect your printer from dust and, last but not least, improve safety of 3D printing. More

Manufacturer: TUKKARI

Tukkari TLX Flame Orange -  3D Printer Enclosure for Prusa MINI / MINI+

This enclosure was designed for use with Prusa MINI.

Why should you want to have an Enclosure for your 3D printer?

  • significant reduction in fumes and unpleasant smells
  • controlled ambient temperature improves reliability and consistency of your 3D printing
  • additional noise reduction
  • dust protection for your printer and improved 3D printing safety

Why buy from Us?

  • you are making your purchase direct from manufacturer, we are based in the Czech Republic
  • proven solution - TLX enclosures are used by private users as well as business clients of every size
  • rigid assembly made of 5mm extruded clear acrylic sheets and 18 mm melamine faced panels available in 5 different colors
  • we only use high-quality materials and components from renowned European manufacturers and suppliers

Main features:

  • The front door with two magnets allows for both left hand or right hand installation.
  • Wide barrier-free front door ensures that the 3D printer can be quickly and easily placed and removed without having to disassemble or modify it in any way.
  • You can enjoy completely unobstructed view of your 3D printing thanks to high quality clear acrylic sheets used.
  • The printer PSU does not need to be placed outside the enclosure. TLX enclosures are fitted with a PSU ventilation shaft. The shaft is compatible with both the old silver PSU and the new black PSU.
  • Cable inlets with swivel covers are placed on both left and right sides of the enclosure.
  • The enclosure is delivered as self assembly kit with all the parts and tools. You may download detailed assembly instructions in pdf format here.
  • Activated carbon filter and HEPA filter are included in the package.
  • The package also includes a practical bearing based filament holder, which can hold spools of any width and can be placed anywhere on top of enclosure.
  • Additionally, you can mount any standard 120 mm PC fan or USB fan (not included) to support active airflow through provided carbon and HEPA filters. More information about optional fan installation and how to choose the fan for your enclosure, can be found in the section: Optional Installations.

Weight and dimensions:

External dimensions (without filament holder): (W x H x D): 45 × 47,5 × 50 cm
Internal dimensions: (W x H x D): 44 × 44,5 × 46 cm
Net weight: 10,3 kg
Gross weight: 12,9 kg


  • 5 mm thick clear extruded acrylic (XT) parts
  • 2 mm thick black extruded acrylic (XT) parts
  • 18 mm thick melamine faced panels
  • ball bearing based acrylic filament spool holder for 2 kg filament spools
  • metal door handle
  • injection molded 5 mm high enclosure feet
  • all fasteners (bolts, nuts, injection molded hinges etc.)
  • activated carbon filter
  • HEPA filter
  • complete set of assembly tools (except for the screwdriver and the 7mm / 8mm wrench)
  • illustrated, step by step assembly instructions (download in pdf format here)

Not included:

  • optional 120 mm fan (you can use any standard 120 mm PC or USB fan, please see details, tips and recommendations in section: Optional installations)
  • 3D printer
  • 3D printing filament

    STATEMENT ON COLORS: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor or display.