How to install a fan on TLX enclosures

TLX Enclosures are prepared for optional installation of a standard 120 mm fan. The fan installation is useful and unexpensive add-on if you want to increase active air flow through the provided carbon filter and HEPA filter. There are 4 pcs. of M4/40 mm socket head screws included to attach the fan at the back side of your enclosure.

Not all users find neccessary to install the fan. It all depends on application. Therefore, the choice of fan remains with the user, fan is not part of the kit and can be easily added at any time later.

You can mount any standard 120 mm 12V PC fan or 5V USB fan. In particular, 5V USB fans are easy to use, as these can be plugged into any USB port. Some have also on/off switch or fan speed regulator. You may purchase your fan from Amazon or Aliexpress. In these stores simply search for "5V USB 120 mm fan".

To silence your fan, you may also consider adding a soft silicone "fan anti vibration gasket".

Tip: the optional fan can be installed on both sides

Do you prefer to install the fan from the front? This is perfectly possible too. You will only need any 4 pieces of M4 screws 30 mm long to attach the fan.

Rear side installation of the fan:

Front installation of the fan: