How to install a fan in TLX enclosures

TLX enclosures are prepared for optional installation of a standard 120mm fan. Installing a fan is a useful and inexpensive upgrade if you want to add active airflow through the included combined carbon and HEPA filter. Four M4/40mm Allen screws are included to securely mount the fan to the rear of your enclosure.

Not all users will find it necessary to install the fan, depending on their specific application. Therefore, the decision to add a fan is up to the user. The fan is not included in the kit, but can easily be added at a later time if needed.

You can use any standard 120mm 12V PC fan or a 5V USB fan. 5V USB fans are especially convenient because they can be plugged into any USB port. Some also come with an on/off switch or fan speed controller. You can buy your fan locally from computer stores or online platforms like Amazon. Just search for "5V USB 120mm fan" in these stores.

Tip: The optional fan can be installed on either side.

Want to install a fan inside the enclosure? The enclosure is designed for this option as well. You'll only need four 30mm M4 screws to mount the fan.

Installation of the fan on the rear side:

Installation of the fan on the rear side:

Carbon/HEPA Filter Replacement:

Your enclosure comes with one combined HEPA/carbon filter. If you are using your 3D printer on a daily basis, you will typically need to change the filter every 3-6 months. Rest assured that we always have replacement filters in stock, so you can always get a replacement filter directly from us. The price is 10 USD per piece. We ship them economically by air in small packets for 9.50 USD, and up to 3 filter replacement kits can be placed in one packet. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions or to place an order.